Convey captures the disclosure information you need, when you need it.


Convey helps to ensure that disclosures you receive are more complete, consistent, and accurate.

Designed to align with your organization's policies and compliance requirements

Developed to make the disclosure process easier and more consistent, reducing errors and frustration

Built on community-developed data standards and streamlined processes

Transform your disclosure submission process.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Convey's web-based platform allows your organization to be up and running as soon as you are ready.

Tailored Disclosure Process

Easily create your own questions to meet the needs of your organization’s conflict of interest policies and requirements.

Disclosure Storage

No more keeping and sifting through mounds of paper disclosure submissions. Eliminate the need to store information in multiple systems by using a single, secure platform.

Disclosure Tracking

Improve your task management by tracking who has completed and submitted disclosures. Quickly configure and send status reminders in bulk using Convey.

Analytics and Data Management

Easily export stored data to review and determine potential conflicts, create status reports, and meet compliance requirements.

Easy Access to Records

Convey updates in real time, allowing you to review and analyze the disclosure and financial interest data you need, when you need it.

How Convey Works

Convey has an easy 4-step disclosure process.

Step 1

Review each organization’s instructions.

Step 2

Enter financial interests.

Step 3

Answer disclosure-specific questions.

Step 4

Review and send.

Preview Convey

Wondering if Convey is the right solution for your organization?

Frequently Asked Questions

Convey enables you to collect disclosures for all your organizational needs. If your organization currently requires separate disclosures for annual conflict of interest reviews, continuing medical education events, committee participation, or author submissions for manuscripts, Convey allows you to collect, manage, and track each one as an individual disclosure process, all for a single organizational fee.
Convey is a web-based system that is accessible through any browser. Plus, the system itself is centrally located, so all new features and upgrades to the system are implemented without a need for organization-specific patches or IT time. You can maintain all disclosures in Convey to review and store or transfer the disclosures or the data to other systems.
No, there is no limit to the number of disclosures your organization can receive.
Convey is built on publicly-available data standards that allow for integration with any conflict of interest or peer review management system. Through web application program interfaces (APIs) your organization can receive data directly from Convey. It also has the capability to send a regularly scheduled XML data file to any location that you set up to receive data.
Once you are ready to use Convey, the process for getting your tailored disclosure process set up is quick and easy. Convey offers disclosure process templates that your organization can start from and tailor to meet your organizational needs. Convey also has experts to assist you with setting up what your disclosers will see when they send information to you, ensuring that all the questions you want to ask are included. Changes to the questions, thresholds, or requested data fields can be made in minutes and are immediately changed for all future disclosures at the push of a button. Customer support assistance is always available to you and your disclosers.
Convey has been tested with hundreds of disclosers to ensure an intuitive and easy to understand process that requires no training for disclosers. Help text and additional instructions are available throughout the interface, and customer support can help with more difficult questions. The Convey platform is designed for easy implementation and adoption. To familiarize disclosers and administrators with the system, the AAMC also provides a series of short quick reference guides, with access to details on how to navigate the main platform tabs, customize questions, communicate with disclosers, track disclosure status, review submitted data, and more.
Convey has a dedicated support team that offers system assistance to both your organization’s staff and individuals who disclose.
The AAMC can provide you with a sample account so that you can get a feel for how your administrators and individuals who disclose will experience the platform. The trial account will help you observe and experience the entire disclosure process from the perspectives of both an organization and a discloser.